The Best Eye Makeup Remover & Eyelid Scrub In The World

Optometrist made 😘
Vegan. Cruelty, gluten & paraben free.
Totally non-toxic.
Just all natural ingredients.

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The Best Eye Makeup Remover & Eyelid Scrub In The World
Doctor Knows Best

Doctor Knows Best

Use We Love Eyes every night and say hello to clean, beautiful eyes.
XO Dr. Tanya Gill,
Founder and CEO of We Love Eyes

Trusted by Leading Eye Care Professionals Nationwide

"Safe and healthy. Easy and effective. Highly recommended!"
Dr. Justin Bazan Brooklyn, NY
"We Love Eyes is the new standard. My patients love it!"
Dr. Laura Periman Redmond, VA
"We Love Eyes is an essential adjunctive therapy for my ocular surface disease patients."
Dr. Mary Byname Skillman, NJ
"We Love Eyes is effective, gentle and not drying at all."
Dr. Melissa Barnett UC Davis Medical Center
"Tea tree oil is a formidable formulation for your blepharitis patients!"
Dr. Anthony Agadzi Vallejo, CA
"No fake dyes, additives or fragrances that upset my allergies."
Dr. Jennifer Grill Cornea Consultants of Albany
"Of all the eyelid cleansing products I have tried personally, We Love Eyes is my favorite."
Dr. Aliisa Bodker Canton, MI
"I recommend We Love Eyes to my patients to keep their eyes healthy."
Dr. Tina Tsai Portland, OR
"The cleansing oil is now my go to product for eyelid cleaning."
Dr. Haley Menge Glasgow, MO
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In The Press

"It erases mascara and is so moisturizing you can skip the eye cream."
W Magazine
"It also gets off the most stubborn mascara without leaving my eyes irritated and red."
"Found! A natural eye makeup remover that can tackle stubborn liner and mascara without taking our eyelashes with it."
well + GOOD

We Love Eyes Is For You

Dry eyes? Itchy eyelids?

Dry eyes? Itchy eyelids?

Remove allergens, makeup debris and other sources of inflammation to keep your eyes feeling whitest & brightest.

Wear makeup?

Wear makeup?

Sleeping with your eye makeup is a dirty habit. Makeup residue leaves your eyes inflamed and increases the signs of aging. Yikes!

Wear contacts?

Wear contacts?

Remove sources of inflammation and your contacts will feel less dry and your eyes will feel whiter and brighter.

Wear extensions?

Wear extensions?

Now you can clean your eyelids without damaging your lash extensions. Don't worry, your investment is safe with us, xo.

100% All Natural with Tea Tree Oil

Your sensitive eyes deserve the best. That’s why we tossed out the irritants & toxins and thoughtfully formulated We Love Eyes with gentle, plant based ingredients instead.

Optometrists love tea tree oil because it does such an amazing job with cleaning eyelash follicles & keeping eyelid glands healthy.
100% All Natural with Tea Tree Oil

30 Night Trial, Free Returns

If you don’t love your We Love Eyes, we’ll take it back & give you a full refund. Pinky swear.

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